Welcome to my website. 

I love travel! I have lived in three countries, and 8 different states, and have visited all of the states (except 2). There are times when all of this travel can be a challenge. So many new things to take in. In the same way technology today presents us with many challenges. I want to be your tour guide through the sometimes confusing landscape of the technology world. When is the right time to apply technology, should we change our current path, how is the ‘latest’ tool going to help our organization? Let me help guide you as you work through the benefits and costs of new technology to make sure that it actually helps the bottom line.

I have been providing software development, database and information technology training services for other companies and organizations in Europe, Asia and North America for over eighteen years.  I speak on technology as well as develop and present technical training programs that help promote the application of technology skills within organizations and the creation of information from raw data.

I am the author of two training workbooks. The first for the Blend development tool that is now part of the Visual Studio experience, and the second is the 3rd edition of my PowerShell Training Workbook that I have just updated to PowerShell 4.0.

Originally trained as a Mechanical Engineer, I found my way into technical training first as an officer in the U.S. Navy’s Seabees and later as a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

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